• Pedro


    Vivo, leio, penso, escrevo e invento.

  • Keith R. Higgons

    Keith R. Higgons

    Writer & Podcaster — Abandoned Albums — abandonedalbums.com

  • Jeanie Nigro

    Jeanie Nigro

    Writer, poet, earl grey enthusiast

  • Ailish Hamilton

    Ailish Hamilton

  • Luciana Sousa

    Luciana Sousa

  • tc


    Passionate about making periods less taboo & more inclusive, working on my first book • rep by @watsonlittle • into film, feminism & felines • rants/views own!

  • Reid Naaykens

    Reid Naaykens

    Be something… well trying.

  • Michelle McGlade

    Michelle McGlade

    Author, Speaker, Podcast Creator| Maven of Puzzles, Especially Yours | Kitty Lover, Wanderlust, Coffee & Wine | #EvolutionizeMedia #ShesTalkingBackPodcast

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